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ValuCred – Process model in the area of Plastic Credits

ValuCred is a pilot project by Rodiek, Nehlsen, Yunus Environment Hub and BlackForestSolutions to develop a standardised process model (SPM) for the valorisation of Plastic Credits. The SPM supports that waste collectors be properly compensated for their services.The pilot project is funded by the PREVENT Waste Alliance, an initiative of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Digitalisation for more transparency

ValuCred’s specially developed digital solution is used to collect data, for example, to register various waste disposal and recycling companies with ValuCred. Registering with ValuCred creates transparency about the respective organisation, its activities and costs in the area of waste management.

In addition to the digital interface of ValuCred, the web-based solution of the start-up Cleanhub is used in the pilot project. All operational data on waste collection volumes and waste types as well as the tracking of material flows along the value chain are collected by Cleanhub and then transmitted to ValuCred.

ValuCred test phase in 5 countries

ValuCred is currently starting the test phase in India, Vietnam, Angola, Ghana and Brazil. This will be the first time that ValuCred’s digital solution will be practically applied in local recycling value chains. The focus of the practical test is in particular the question of the applicability, benefits and acceptance of the SPM by formal and informal participants.

During the test phase, digital questionnaires will be sent to the participating pilot projects, which can then be answered on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The assessments will show how the digital parts of the SPM are accepted.