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Machine park with first channel baler in Luanda, Angola

As part of our project “EcoLu – EcoPontes Luanda“, we are setting up four recycling centres in Luanda where paper, plastics, glass and other recyclables are collected separately. But where do the collected recyclables go afterwards? For the first treatment, we have built up a machine park together with our partner company Nehlsen Ambiente Angola.

While most of the machinery and equipment is new, we were able to buy some of the machines second-hand and have them overhauled by specialized companies. In the course of such general overhauls, we typically have the machines modified in a way, that spare parts, equipment and know-how for repair are available locally. On the one hand, we benefit from our membership of the Nehlsen Group, and on the other hand from our knowledge of the special local requirements in Angola. This is also the case with the channel baler, which will be the first in the whole of Angola after its installation. In addition, a weighbridge and a granulator shredding hard plastics complete our machine park. Due to the already established collection points for recyclables, which are picked up by Nehlsen Ambiente Angola and transported to the machinery, the utilization of the machines is ensured from the very beginning.