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GIZ consultancy on PET recycling in Ghana

Over the past year, we have been intensively involved with the Ghanaian recycling sector – including the establishment of a separate collection system in cooperation with a local waste management company and during our workshops for a Ghanaian recyclers’ association. This gave us a comprehensive picture of the market and the local players.

In December 2021, we provided our know-how about the recycling economy in Ghana to the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH” for the planning and implementation of their next activities in the field of circular economy.

The first part of our services included an explanation of the basic mechanisms that the local PET market is subject to. Subsequently, we introduced the project team to the local stakeholder landscape and provided appropriate contacts. In addition, we highlighted the current issues and challenges faced by stakeholders and identified the major barriers for (foreign) investors in an efficient PET recycling infrastructure.

Based on this, a catalog of measures and a roadmap were developed to create conditions conducive to investment in a local processing infrastructure.