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Collection and sorting center for recyclable materials in Guinea

We are currently supporting the NGO EuroGuinée in setting up Guinea’s first collection and sorting center for recyclable materials such as plastics and metals. Here, incoming materials are weighed, sorted and sold to local recyclers. At the same time, the new center will also be used for training in the field of circular economy, for example at a planned nano-biogas plant.

EuroGuinée has been an experienced partner for the local community for 20 years, primarily through the construction of healthcare facilities and infrastructure for public drinking water supply. The NGO is therefore ideally qualified to operate the collection and recycling center. Among other things, we advise EuroGuinée on setting up the collection and recycling channels. We also recommend measures for the sustainable operation of the center, for example in the area of treatment processes and plant and machinery technology.

Highlights of our project work so far have been the tasks we have been able to carry out on site: One of our employees conducted training on occupational safety measures during collection and during operation. We are also assisting in the development of the collection infrastructure in Guinea, identifying possible locations for container systems and the necessary transport capacities, which will be evaluated by EuroGuinée on site.