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World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki

6. June 2023

Presenting Innovative Solutions at the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki

We, Rodiek & Co. GmbH, are a Germany-based consulting company specializing in circular economy and material management. With 99 years of experience in waste management and recycling, we are committed to transferring our expertise into a future-oriented circular economy.

As pioneers in our industry, we work on national and international projects encompassing circular economy, cradle-to-cradle, and traditional waste management. Our holistic solutions are based on the principles of circular economy, aiming to optimize resource utilization and minimize waste.

We are excited to showcase our innovative solutions at this year’s World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki. As experts in material management, we offer a wide range of services and solutions that enable sustainable and resource-efficient circular economies.

We strongly believe in the importance of integrating circular economy principles into product and process design. To support companies in implementing circular approaches, we also provide assessments of product recyclability from the perspective of waste management.

Visitors to the World Circular Economy Forum will have a unique opportunity to visit our booth and learn more about our groundbreaking solutions. We will be presenting interactive demonstrations and presentations to provide a comprehensive understanding of how our concepts are put into practice.

Participating in the World Circular Economy Forum allows us to establish partnerships and exchange best practices. We are convinced that circular economy is the key to addressing global challenges in resource management and environmental pollution.

Our goal is to translate the principles of circular economy into practical solutions and shape a sustainable future. We invite you to visit our booth and join us in working towards a resource-efficient and sustainable future.